August 2020

4 Ways to Get Paid Faster Using QuickBooks

It’s probably one of your toughest challenges. How do you encourage customers to make payments faster? Cashflow is a huge problem for so many businesses right now. Unless you sell [...]
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How to Track Employee Time: Part 2

If you have to track many employee work hours, you might want to use QuickBooks’ Timesheets.  Last month, we introduced the concept of time tracking in QuickBooks. Using the software’s tools, you’re able [...]
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Communicate with Customers

Communicate with Customers: QuickBooks and Microsoft Word The pandemic has forced businesses to find new ways to connect with customers. QuickBooks has built-in tools that can help. Businesses are starting [...]
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Make QuickBooks Yours

Make QuickBooks Yours: Customize the Desktop Make QuickBooks work faster for you by changing a few settings. Whether your business has been locked down because of the pandemic, or you’re [...]
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How to Use Rules in Quickbooks Online Transactions

Maintaining your transaction registers conscientiously leads to a clearer understanding of your finances. Last month, we talked about the types of best practices that can lead to more effective use of QuickBooks [...]
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