Why Hiring A Bookkeeping Consultant Is Essential For Your Business [2023]

If you have been looking into bookkeeping consultants but aren’t exactly sure what to expect or if you need one, this blog is for you. 

In this post we will be answering these questions:

  • What Is A Bookkeeping Consultant?
  • What Can A Bookkeeping Consultant Do?
  • Why Do I Need A Bookkeeping Consultant?
  • Why Hiring A Bookkeeping Consultant Is Therapeutic
  • What Are Typical Bookkeeping Consulting Rates? 
  • We Provide Bookkeeping & Bookkeeping Consulting Services
  • Contact EcommFS Today!

Let’s dive in!

What Is A Bookkeeping Consultant?

As a business owner, you have a lot to do. Making sure your employees are adequately trained, getting the right supplies for the job, and keeping up with all the paperwork can be a daunting task. 

Bookkeeping is a source of unnecessary stress that can be avoided when you outsource the task to a reliable and trustworthy bookkeeping consultant. 

A professional bookkeeper consultant can help you get your books organized and running smoothly so you don’t have to worry about that looming IRS audit

bookkeeping consultant

With the expertise of professional bookkeeping consultant services, you’ll have more time to focus on the other aspects of your business that matter most.

But before you can decide if a bookkeeping consultant is right for your business, we need to know what a bookkeeping consultant does to help your business. 

A bookkeeping consultant is someone who provides guidance and advice to businesses on how to manage their financial statements. 

They can help with bookkeeping, accounting, budgeting, payroll, and taxes. Additionally, they provide strategic analysis of financial data, as well as forecasts for future operations and trends. Bookkeeping consultants often work closely with business decision-makers to help them navigate the complexities of day-to-day transactions and how they can impact your year-end tax filings. 

What Can A Bookkeeping Consultant Do?

Bookkeeping consultants or end to end bookkeeping services offer a number of useful services that take necessary (but time consuming) tasks off your plate. Here are some of the task a bookkeeping consultant can help you with: 

  1. Bookkeeping consultants clean up your bookkeeping records for tax purposes.
  2. Bookkeeping consultants can implement new quickbooks online account setups.
  3. Bookkeeping consultants create and send 1099s for the end of the year
  4. Bookkeeping consultants identify deeper problems with your records and recommend solutions like payroll services, HR services, legal services or accountants. 
  5. Bookkeeping consultants are familiar with the IRS code and can recommend the best bookkeeping softwares for your business that are acceptable by IRS standards
  6. Bookkeeping consultants can integrate your bookkeeping software to your Shopify websites, or other website platforms or POS systems.

Why Do I Need A Bookkeeping Consultant?

It’s important to have a bookkeeping consultant in your back pocket because they can provide independent advice on any financial matters you may face.

A bookkeeping consultant will be able to help create an effective budgeting plan, ensure your business is in compliance with the latest tax laws, identify areas where costs can be cut or reduced, and make sure that all financial transactions are accurately recorded. 

Bookkeeping consultants can also offer advice on how to use technology to streamline accounting processes, increase efficiency and improve accuracy. In addition, they can provide valuable insights into the business operations that could help you make better decisions when it comes to investing in strategic areas of your business. Finally, they can help you plan for the future by making projections based on current financial data.

If you want to learn more about the types of bookkeeping consultants, you’ll love this post: Online Bookkeeper VS Local Bookkeeper: Discover What’s Best For Business.

Why Hiring A Bookkeeping Consultant Is Therapeutic

One of the biggest benefits of a bookkeeping consultant is the therapeutic effects of knowing there is someone watching your back so you don’t inaccurately record a transaction that could later cost you your business in the case of an audit.  

bookkeeping consultants

Most people don’t think about bookkeeping when they go into business. If you like most, you will quickly find that there is a lot of stress when you are trying to keep up with your financial records, on top of everything else. A bookkeeper should be a trusted part of every entrepreneur’s team

They give you peace of mind knowing that all the details are taken care of. Your bookkeeper frees you up mentally and emotionally to do what you do best – innovate. 

What Are Typical Bookkeeping Consulting Rates? 

Typical bookkeeping consulting rates vary from consultant to consultant and depend on the extent of services requested. Generally, bookkeeping consulting services range from $50-$200 per hour. 

The exact rate may be lower or higher depending on the experience level of the consultant, their geographic location, and other factors. There are some bookkeeping consultants who offer package deals that include a one-time setup fee plus an hourly rate for their services. 

These packages usually cover basic bookkeeping duties such as setting up a system to track accounts, reconciling bank statements, and preparing financial reports. In addition to hourly rates, many bookkeeping consultants charge a flat rate for monthly services such as payroll processing and invoicing customers.

Many young companies often make the mistake of trying to find the cheapest bookkeeper they can find. As the old adage says, “you get what you pay for” and this is especially true with bookkeeping consultants. It is important to take into account the experience and qualifications of the consultant when choosing a bookkeeper.

It may sound counterintuitive, but the best expense you can have in your business is a good bookkeeper and a good accountant.  A good bookkeeper will save your business far more than they cost.

If you want a full guide to hiring an bookkeeper, you’ll love this article: Outsourced Bookkeeping: How To Easily Outsource Your Bookkeeping.

We Provide Bookkeeping & Bookkeeping Consulting Services

We would love to talk more with you about our bookkeeping consulting services.  We can provide a comprehensive package that includes financial recordkeeping, bookkeeping services, and much more. 

We will help you develop an effective plan to manage your finances, oversee payments and invoices, and maintain accurate records. Our staff are highly experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge in all aspects of bookkeeping.

EcommFS specializes in bookkeeping for retail stores and e-commerce businesses. Our experienced bookkeeping consultants have years of experience in providing bookkeeping services for businesses of all sizes. 

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We offer a variety of bookkeeping consulting services, including accounts receivable and payable, cash flow management, inventory control, financial statement preparation, and tax compliance. Our team can also help you design systems to streamline your processes and make reporting more efficient. 

We understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to handling finances and we strive to provide accurate advice that is tailored to each client’s needs. We also work with a network of other bookkeepers we can refer you to when you schedule your free strategy session today.

Contact EcommFS Today!

Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about how we can help your business reach its financial goals. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office and speak with one of our team members.

Well, that about sums it up for this post on Bookkeeping Consultants and the services they offer. By now you should have a better understanding of what bookkeeping consulting services are, and how to find the right bookkeeper for your business.

When it comes to finding a bookkeeper, there are many factors to consider such as experience level and fees charged.

What questions do you have about bookkeeping consultants or bookkeeping services?

Let us know in the comments!

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Why Hiring A Bookkeeping Consultant Is Essential For Your Business [2023]

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